Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Shoes Not a Walk in the Park

While much of the country has been freezing, we've had some pretty mild weather. It's mostly been in the high 40's and raining a lot.

I've been meaning to get Andy some shoes. Saturday we had a break in the rain, so we took a family excursion to the shoe store and the park.

Kate always gets a kick out of the wobbly mirrors at Payless. Andy thought they were great fun, too.

We did find Andy some shoes, but then he wouldn't walk in them. He was just crawling around on the floor.

After that we headed down to Fort Steilacoom Park, where Andy persisted in not walking.

Doug and Andy on the slide. (It's quite a trick to get oneself into the slide while holding a toddler. Go, Doug!)

Kate atop a climbing rock.

Kate made friends with another little girl that was there and spent a good long time running around with her.

Andy and Dad. Aren't they cute?

Andy kept trying to eat the wood chips. Messy!

He still doesn't have the hang of the shoes. I remember when we got Kate's first shoes, she got the idea right away. It's funny how they have their own little quirks.

Update: Right after posting this I put Andy's shoes on him again, and now he's walking around like a champ. Unfortunately it's raining again, so we won't be going outside.


Barbie said...

So cute! Shoes really do make a difference in how your feet feel. Glad he got the hang of it.

Liberty said...

Isn't it funny how kids will resist that initial walk in shoes :)

We *love, love, love* that park! One of the best ones in our area I think!

Susan said...

I love those mirror photos--Andy's expression is priceless!