Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Artist at Work

Kate often sits at the table to draw (up where Andy can't get at it), but sometimes she likes to draw on her bed, too. Here she's using a big Masonite board that I got back in college (it's great for all kinds of projects).

A few recent drawings:

This is Kate and Mom coming home from the toy store with a wind-up penguin.

And here's Kate on her hands and knees watching the penguin walk away from her.

(We especially like the penguin. It's somewhat evocative of Pixar's birds, as well as Quentin Blake's Mortimer.)

A picture of Kate drawing a picture. She's invented this kind of monster that she calls an "Octo," for some reason. I asked her if it was supposed to have eight legs, sparking this conversation:

"It has many legs and it eats cars."

"So why is it called an Octo?"


Okay then.

She's also been drawing a lot of things in comic-book style lately, copying Calvin and Hobbes. She drew this one over at her friend Lily's house.

These days it seems like she goes through paper as fast as we can buy it. She does a lot of things in story format, over multiple pages. I have a few of those that I want to post, too. It's so fun to see what she comes up with.


Heidi said...

She really is amazing Helena. It will be interesting if she develops her talent further and becomes famous! :) And all your blog readers can claim they "knew her when" :P

Janelle said...

I love Kate's pictures so much, I think they should be in a museum or at least on t-shirts! She is quite the artist.

Heather T. said...

*giggles* Love the logic. We get quite a bit of that around here too.

Barbie said...

Loving the wind-up penguin. So creative.

MamaBug said...

Wow. She is so creative and cute. She's doing such fun stuff!!

Laura Call said...

The wind-up penguin is awesome... I love the three in a row and you can see their big wind-up things (whatever that's called) on their backs. I also love that she drew a picture of herself drawing a picture!