Monday, January 11, 2010

coming up for air

Yes, I'm still here! I've been immersed in this big scrapping project (which I finally finished--hooray! More on that soon. Tomorrow, probably). I was talking to my mom today and she said a friend asked if I was okay, since I hadn't posted anything for a week.

We got the Christmas tree taken down on January 6th, having stuck it out through the twelve days of Christmas. Kate was briefly distressed but got over it.

Doug went back to school last Monday. He's teaching a class down in Olympia this quarter, which he's never done before. So far so good, though he has run into heavy traffic a few times on the way back.

Kate has been introduced to Shel Silverstein and Calvin and Hobbes. "I'm Being Eaten by a Boa Constrictor" was a big hit. A lot of Calvin and Hobbes is bit too deep for a five-year-old (which is kind of funny, since Calvin's six) but she loves the expressions and sound effects. And the way Bill Watterson draws movement is just amazing. The man has some serious talent. We got the collection a few years ago, and now Kate asks Doug to get out one of the three big volumes and look through it with her at bed time. It's quite hilarious to listen to.

Andy has also decided that books are pretty cool. Unfortunately the way he likes to experience books is to open them up and stand on them.

I ran across this Cafe Press shop today. I am tempted to get the ABD sticker for Doug. Ha.


Kathey said...

Kathey said...
Welcome Back! Several of us obviously have a serious Helena's Blog Addiction and were badly in need of a new fix. :D

Would you believe our trees are still up? ( I really do need to post about that. Apparently I'm not addicted to my own blog.)

Um--What's ABD? All 'Bout Doug? ^-^

Love, Mom

p.s. I messed up a post and deleted it. Oops.

Helena said...

"All But Dissertation."

Liberty said...

My DD, Holly, also loves Shel Silverstein - we read many of his poems every day!!! (Runny Babbit is the worst though - hard to read) We also checked out a copy of his CD from the library so she can hear how he reads them - it is a great CD!

My husband has recently broke out his collection of Calvin & Hobbes as well - she likes them a lot. I agree though, that they are a bit more deep than I had expected or remembered. She loves them though and he loves reading them all over again with her :)

Mimi said...

Good to hear!