Tuesday, April 21, 2009

non sequitur

This morning we heard Kate wail, in her sleep, "I can't see the leopard!" I wonder what that was about.

There's a girl in our complex named Skye. I recently realized that Kate thought her name was "Disguises." Ha. She's got that straight now.

Kate really likes the "Look Down" reprise from Les Misérables. She asks for it over and over. When Doug asked her, "Why do you like this song so much?" she said, "Because it's very important."

The other day (Friday?) Kate got Doug to play house with her, and she put him to bed under the kitchen table. Whereupon he fell asleep and started snoring. (I didn't get a picture, dangit.)

I recently discovered some amazingly cool paper sculpture patterns at the Canon Creative Park site. This is the sort of thing you'd want a photo printer for. (I wonder if I could get some printed at a place like mpix. Would they do that?) I was especially impressed by some of the architecture.

I enjoyed these two "Writing Excuses" podcasts: Episode 14: Magic Systems and their Rules and Episode 15: Costs and Ramifications of Magic. I haven't listened to any of the other episodes yet--that might be fun to do while I'm working on Photoshop stuff.

Cami is going to Korea. I am insanely jealous and plan to stalk her blog obsessively.


Lara said...

Kate-isms are the best! I rather like the Look Down song, too! I'm glad to know it's important.:)

Laura Call said...

I love hearing the little things about Kate... she's so smart and funny! I was thinking recently that we should get together and have Kate and Ellie play. Kate's 4, right? Ellie just turned 5. They're close enough in age and Ellie has a few friends younger than her that she gets along with great. Does Kate like playdates? ...would you guys want to get together?