Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Smile again?"

Normally, when I get out the camera to take pictures of Kate, her response is largely one of indifference--I don't think she minds (normally), but she's just not interested at all in making eye contact or smiling at me while I've got this camera in front of my face. But lately she's been surprising me. Taking pictures inside, I've been using the flash with the Finn-Bounce, and I think she likes watching the light.

The other day she was sitting on the couch watching The Land Before Time with Cera, her dinosaur, and they looked so cute that I got out the camera. After the first couple of pictures she started smiling and laughing for me. When I stopped for a moment she said, "Smile again?" What's this, she wants me to take her picture?

And here's Kate playing with her train!

Smile for the camera!

Smile again?


These are a bit soft, since the depth of field was really shallow (low light) and I didn't have the focus point on her face. I can change the focus point on the fly but I just didn't think of it. Alas.

This morning we went to Pump It Up in Tacoma, which was really rather lame compared to The Bouncy Place in Kent. They only have three inflatables, and we were practically the only people there (there was one other little boy with his mother), which was kind of surreal. We had a good time, though, and Kate went down the slide all by herself.

I've been working on Christmas cards. I think I didn't get enough.


Barb said...

She looks like Betsey in that third one! She's looking so grown up!

By the way, I sent a package to Kate from Mom and us--it should get there by Monday at the latest.

Mimi said...

She's so big!

Amy Sorensen said...

Oh my goodness, Helena...she is beautiful! I just spent a very frustrating hour with Kaleb, trying to get a good Christmas-card picture and I am SO envious that your little Kate has caught the pay-attention-to-the-camera vision.

Manda said...

WOW! She's getting so big Helena! And so gorgeous!

Happy Holidays!