Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas pigeon (and dinosaurs!)

I was hoping to get the Christmas pictures posted before Kate's birthday, but things have been a little crazy around here.

Christmas morning Kate slept late. Doug went in and asked her, "Do you want to get up and open presents?" and she said, "No, want to stay here." Doug said to me, "I'm sure that's the last time we'll ever hear that!"

The first thing we opened was Kate's Fergus pajamas (from the David Shannon book). I found them online a few months ago and showed them to Kate, and asked her if she liked them and if she would rather have the blue ones or the purple ones. I guess she remembered, because as soon as she saw them in the package, she said, "Fergus pajamas!" She wanted to put them on right away, so present opening was interrupted for a couple of minutes.

This is a plush Mo Willems pigeon that says "Let me drive the bus!" when you squeeze it. The pigeon was a big hit. Kate held onto it while she opened her other presents.

Aunt Karen sent this cute little dragon costume. It's a hooded cape with spikes and a tail. Kate does like it, but she's been wanting us to wear it. (Doug says, "If she wears it, then she can't see it." Makes sense.)

This apartment doesn't have the best lighting for taking pictures. Our last place was definitely better, the way the light came in the window.

We went over to Scott's house for Christmas dinner. Scott and his daughter Kira gave Kate a bunch of dinosaurs that Kira used to play with when she was little. Dinosaurs are very exciting. Scott also gave us a nativity set. Kate has been playing with them all together. Witness this scene of carnage:

Kate also got some fun things from the grandparents (for which we are still charging batteries), and from Rebecca. Thanks so much for helping our little girl have such a fun and memorable Christmas!


Mimi said...

It looks like you had a lovely Christmas! Wonderful photos!

I got the book about the pigeon for my three year old nephew. I'm glad it has good reviews in your house!

RedMolly said...

That nativity scene is the Best. Photo. Ever. You should really consider marketing Christmas cards.

Helena said...

Ha! Our friend Scott said the same thing.

I must add that I didn't touch a thing--that was exactly how I found it.