Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Chance of Flurries

We had our first snow on Saturday. Right when Kate and I were getting ready for nap time, we looked outside and saw big, fluffy flakes descending from the sky. The nap was postponed with very little discussion, and we bundled up to go outside.

I was hoping I could score a Christmas-card-worthy photo (something like last year's) but most of my pictures turned out rather blurry. I think I should have raised my ISO. (My shutter speed was on 100 but the aperture was way open--just not enough light. Also I wonder if the flakes falling in front of the lens might have thrown the focus off.) I did get this one, which is pretty clear and has an excellent view up Kate's nostrils:

Grandma Mary sent some cute little gloves a few days ago--just in time! Kate was quite intrigued by the gloves. When I got the first one on, she held up her hand and said, "It's a sock puppet!"

Outside, Kate was having a conversation with her gloved hand. "Oh! I need a stroller!" says sock puppet. "You need a stroller?" Kate asks. We didn't get the stroller. Sock puppet had to deal with it.

Here's one from the "blurry, but too cute not to post" category. It was cold! And windy. We missed the fluffy flakes while we were out with the camera, but they started up again later while we were out shopping. Since we were out, we decided to go ahead and go to the store. Doug and Kate held down the fort in the toy section while I did the grocering. (My spell check says "grocering" is not a word. Ha! It lies.) Kate threw a brief fit when it was time to go, and upon arriving home conked out and slept for a loooong time. Playing outside is hard work.

I still don't know what I'm going to do for a Christmas card. I suppose I should go buy a Santa hat or something. Kate likes Santa hats. She calls them Christmas hats.


HapEScrapr said...

I like how you captured the snowflakes while they were falling.

Kathey said...

Hi Helena,

I loved Kate's conversation with the "sock puppet," and your comments about it. Oh, and thanks for the new screen saver fodder.

Love, Mom

Lilach Oren said...

your tags are so cute!! love them

Tammy said...

What beautiful pictures. I love the one where she is looking at the sky. Sounds like a wonderful day with family.

Donna B. Miller said...

What great photos. You now have me wishing for snow.

Amy Sorensen said...

Sure, sure...you can see up her nose. But that is still a darling picture! She looks so grown up now. I'm amazed at the difference between nearly-three and nearly two-and-a-half (kaleb).

RedMolly said...

What a big girl... and such a pink-clad cutie! We thoroughly enjoyed our paltry sprinkling of flakes in Portland and are glad to see you took full advantage of yours too.

(I especially love the photo where she's in conversation with her glove.)

Peter said...

Whoa, Kate looks a lot taller in that last photo. Like, an actual kid, instead of a...um, littler kid. She's growing up!