Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Brandon and the Wheel of Time

We just found out yesterday that Brandon Sanderson (my brother's friend from BYU, who I blogged about here), has been chosen to finish the last book of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. This series has been in the works for years, both tantalizing and annoying readers by stretching out through eleven very long books, but the author unfortunately died while working on the twelfth book. His widow-and-editor chose Brandon to complete it, after reading Brandon's work. This may seem like a surprising choice, especially since Brandon just published his first book a couple of years ago, but I think he'll do a good job. I think he's up to the work required, and it will certainly be a lot of work. You can read more about it at Brandon's blog. I've only read the first book of the series, years ago, but I'm excited for Brandon. Congratulations!

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RedMolly said...

Wow... that is amazing! What an honor for Brandon. Please pass my congratulations on to him too.