Saturday, November 10, 2007

You've got mail

I used to be a really good letter writer. I wrote long, frequent letters to my friend Laura, wrote to my friends on missions, wrote to my family about our adventures in Korea. This was before the advent of the internet. Now my attention span is limited to dashing off a few sentences at a time, and I no longer eagerly await the arrival of the mail each day, knowing that there's probably nothing good in there anyway.

I had occasion to actually mail something today, and as I was stuffing the envelope I recalled that I used to know how many sheets of paper you could send for one stamp. I can't remember anymore. (Five? Eight?)

But hey, if I really needed to know, I suppose I could look it up online.


Julie Beth said...

Okay, we must be on the same wave length or something. I was just telling your Mom today that I didn't have time enough to e-mail people. I'd much rather just make a phone call. How's that for a short attention span? Guess it does explain why I got a degree in Communications instead of English though.

Mom said...

Hi Helena,

It's 4 sheets for one stamp.

Love, Mom

Carin said...

Helena your mom's awesome! I had no idea I knew it was an ounce.

Barb said...

I knew it was four sheets, mom told me that too. I also read once that you can compare the weight to that of four quarters. Put a ruler with six inches hanging over the edge. Put four quarters on the end that's on the table, and put your letter on the edge hanging over. If it falls off, it's too heavy and needs another stamp. This seems all good in theory, but when you think about angles and levers, it might not always be accurate. Maybe the quarters go on the other end and you want them to fall off? That seems more stable at least.

Mom said...

I Loved Barb's comment. Talk about "We do it the HARD way."

OH, and by the way, years ago it was Helena that told me it was 4 sheets. :0)

Love, Mom

Helena said...

Ha! I knew I used to know.