Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This blows.

When I was less than two years old I stuck some corn up my nose. (Hmmmm... a familial fascination with corn, perhaps?) My mom called the emergency room to see what she should do, and they said, "Have her blow her nose." My mom said, "She's only sixteen months old!" (or however old I was at the time--somewhere around there.) The guy said, "Most children that age can blow their noses." and my mom asked, "Do you have children?"

I don't know when children usually learn the fine art of nose-blowing, but Kate's almost three and she can't do it. I've tried to demonstrate, but when she copies me she just kind of makes a coughing sound. Not happening. At least she doesn't have any corn up there that we're trying to get out.


Fun in the sun, Katie Style said...

Hey, I had a peanut up MINE! and had to go to the ER. Just keep showing her, she will get it. Thanks for the laugh.

Katie B.

Mimi said...

I never put anything up my nose (that I couldn't get out anyway) but I do remember how much easier parenting is when they can blow their nose.

Mom said...

OK Helena, I'll have to tell some more of the story. There were at least 3 kernels of corn in that little nose the first time. I think we might have been able to aspirate those out, but it's hard to remember. I think I've repressed it. LOL

We had to really watch you from then on. There were a variety of incidents I believe--corn, Peas, Cheerios. You were really intrigued with sticking things in small places, and had such a look of pure pleasure at your accomplishments. The trips to the ER were for a crayon and I believe, a pencil eraser which also wound up in your nose somehow.

I think it was after the second trip to the ER that you decided it wasn't worth it and stopped doing it. Wheew!

Love, Mom

Amy Sorensen said...

oh my gosh...not sure why, but this made me LOL! I've somehow managed to get Kaleb to blow his nose once or twice, with hilarious resulting expressions on his face. Totally surprises him that something comes out! I've not had anyone who put things in their noses, but my sister had one daughter who loaded both her ears full of chocolate chips. (The pediatrician had her melt them out with a blow dryer, lol!) I think of that every time I make cookies.

Julie Beth said...

Umm, well not that I want to admit this, but for me it was peas. My brother, Dan, can go on and on about it. Oh, and little fuzz balls. I'd don't know. I was too young to remember.

Emma has just learned to blow her nose in the last 6 months or so. She will be 5 in March.

What worked for teaching her was first showing her how to blow air out of her mouth. Once she understood how to do this I could work with her on blowing air out her nose. Although part of the trick was telling her to push the air out her nose.

Sorry this is so long, but hope it helps. :)

Julie K in Taiwan said...

Helena, you gave your mom such trials! ;)

The best tip I've heard about getting kids to blow their noses is to put a cotton ball in front of Kate on a table. She has to cover her mouth with her hand (or use a scarf if she "cheats/forgets"). Do the same with yourself, and then have a contest to move the cotton balls across the table. Of course she'll have to blow air out her nose to do so. Then, when you want her to blow her nose, you can remind her of what she did during the "contest". Good luck!

Ami said...

I can so relate to the kids blowing their noses...
If they could blow, the world would be a better place.
I wonder if that doctor had ever had to hold down a 2 year old so you could use the "sucker thing" on them...just so they could breathe!!!
You made me laugh.

mom said...

I LOVE Julie K's suggestion. That's really cool.

Love, Mom

Carin said...

Helena mine was half popped popcorn around the same age, the big problemwith half popped poppcorn is your wet nose makes it swell up so I got a fun trip to the ER.
On the nose blowing front I have just worked with them till they got it, I think around 3 they start to get it.

Amy B. said...

This is kind of disgusting but the way to get something out of a child's nose - like my son's who put a bead up his nose - is to cover his mouth and then blow into the unplugged nostril which then pops out whatever is stuck in the other one. We've had to do this twice and my husband has always been the lucky one to perform this little "task". BTW, this suggestion came from a doctor ;)

Janinel said...

Hahaha... my five year olds still haven't quite gotten the hang of nose blowing. I thought the desire to blow your nose was innate, much like your mom's doctor.