Sunday, November 18, 2007

Brother Daddy

Kate has learned about playing hide and seek from a Max and Ruby game on We play at hiding a lot, but we'd never actually used the phrase "hide and seek." So now she knows that, and she's started using other phrases from the game too.

Max and Ruby, in case anyone doesn't know, are rabbits. Ruby is the older sister and tries to keep Max out of trouble. At the beginning of the game, Ruby says, "I'm Ruby, and I'm playing hide and seek with my brother, Max."

So yesterday, Kate gets Doug to play with her, and in the midst of the game announces happily, "I'm Katie! I'm playing hide and seek with my brother, Daddy!"


RedMolly said...


Which, naturally, will lead one day to her kid announcing "I'm my own Grandpa."

Mom said...

How very cute. Just darling.

It's SO good that you write things like that down. You think you'll never forget cute things like that, but if they're not written down they disappear.