Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Helena's ribbons go Brazilian

I got an email from a designer in Brazil who had used my red ribbons as a base for creating a ribbon-making action. She makes commercial use actions for other designers to use in creating products. Since she had used my ribbons, she wanted to make sure it was okay before she put the action up for sale. I'm still not entirely clear on why she thought it was a good idea to spend all that time working on them and then get permission, but, well, I thought the actions were very cool, so I agreed and sold her a commercial license after the fact. I would have no clue how to create actions like this. They're very complicated. I was impressed.

(Edit:) I must explain--an "action" in Photoshop is a recorded set of commands that produce a specific result. There are lots of photo actions out there, for giving your photo a soft dreamy look, or turning it sepia, or whatever. In this case it's an action that makes a ribbon. It makes a ribbon out of nothing, like magic, and you pick the color you want, or you can pick a digital paper for it to turn into a ribbon. These are a few examples that I tried out, with two of my papers, and one that's just a color (orange).

She doesn't have my cool shadows. But they look pretty good, don't you think? Her store is here. The ribbons are "My Ribbon Stuff" volumes one and two.


MOM said...

Wow. Those are impressive. She obviously put in a lot of work.

What does the term "action" mean in this context?

Carin said...

I like your red ribbons, What do hers do that yours don't? I am SO computer illiterate it isn't even funny.

RedMolly said...

Those are totally awesome. I know the site of which she speaks. (For which she works.) We had them show up on several materials lists in our last round of submissions.

I am cracking up at the titles of your last two posts.

Jodie said...

oh way cool!!!

Ms Parker said...

Thanks for the comment!

I love your ribbons.

I once stuck a bead up my nose, and kept getting "sniff" and "blow" mixed up and crying a lot.

Have a great day,


Amy B. said...

Those ribbons are really fantastic. I love how they crease to go through the brad - very realistic!