Thursday, April 05, 2007

"If you like to waltz with potatoes..."

After I posted about Kate singing wordlessly to herself, we were having dinner and she was sitting in her highchair playing with her applesauce, and we heard her sing, "He's a tramp... I looooove him!" (Guess what she'd just been watching?) We were much amazed and amused. And last night she was singing part of the Primary song (from church) that goes, "Hello! (Hello) Hello! (Hello) we welcome you today." It's so fun. I've heard her sing recognizable snatches of the alphabet song, but it's just neat to hear her putting things together with words.

All of us at NDISB have been working hard at getting the store put back together. They weren't able to restore anything from their older backup, which means they lost their entire customer database. Very sad. But we're determined to bring it back better than ever.

I just finished up this Potato Prints set. I did the potato stamping back in January, and then got distracted with other things. It was fun. And messy. I had potatoes and paint piled up on the kitchen table for days. I also painted a cantaloupe and rolled it on the paper. (And then we ate it!)

I also got Baby Blue-Eyes up in the store, and the creative team ladies have been doing wonderful things with it. Here's a layout by Karen and one by Audrey.

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Ernie said...

"I also painted a cantaloupe and rolled it on the paper. (And then we ate it!)"

The paper, or the cantaloupe? ;)