Thursday, April 26, 2007

Stay away from those giant mutant alien worms!

I had a dream the other night where I was in a play that involved these giant mutant alien tubeworm things. The alarming part was that they were using real giant mutant alien tubeworms, waving menacingly at the front of the stage. There was one scene of the play where I had to pull one of these things out of its tube and wrestle it or something. I remember I was ranting to somebody in my dream about how irresponsible it was for them to use these dangerous creatures, and somebody could be killed. I said, "What happens if these things go running through the audience?" I was quite put out.

I seem to recall that I was also upset because I hadn't learned my lines properly.

I have weird dreams.

1 comment:

Ernie said...

My goodness, girl! LOL

(And only you would even be thinking about the fact that you hadn't properly learned your lines, at such a time! :)