Saturday, March 31, 2007


We like 27. Kate's birthday is December 27th, my birthday is February 27th, and my dad's is May 27th. So when Kate turned 27 months old on March 27th, it seemed only appropriate to take some pictures to commemorate the occasion. (Not that I need an excuse to take pictures of my cutie!) We went to a nearby park and had a fun walk.

Kate has a new phrase--"It's the wrong one!" She still doesn't say yes, which has made it difficult to figure out what she wants sometimes. "You want this one?" "That one!" "This one?" "That one!" "This one?" I think she know what yes means but she won't say it. We'll hold whatever it is up to her, and if she wants it she taps it. And now if it's the wrong one she'll let us know.

At this moment Kate is sitting on the floor singing loudly and wordlessly to herself, and waving a couple of small fir branches that we brought in yesterday. She sings a lot, and she likes to hold things and make them walk around or dance (that's what she's doing with the daffodil in this picture). We'll have to take these branches out before they start dropping needles on the carpet.


Jill said...

How sweet! She sounds so cute!

Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...

She's so cute! Happy 27 monthaversary to her! :)

Mrs. Miles said...

LOVE your photos - have you had a chance to play with your painter lately? just wondering...!

(Mrs. Miles)

Lara said...

My middle DD said no for both yes and no. It was all in the inflection....I had to figure it out. But I did. And then of course she learend to say yes. :)