Sunday, April 22, 2007

Beyond BLT

Last summer we discovered that BLT's make pretty good travel food (as long as you've got a place to sit down to assemble and eat the sandwiches, and aren't trying to do it while you're driving or anything like that). We added avocado to ours, which of course made BLAT's. One day, in a punchy mood, we came up with these other variations:

BLOT--bacon, lettuce, olives, and tomato.

BLECH--bacon, lettuce, egg, cheese, and ham

BARF--bacon, avocado, radishes, and feta


Mimi said...

Our favorite is the ever popular FLT - Fakin (Morningstar Farms soy bacon), Lettuce and Tomato.

The Barf sounds particuarly lovely, I'll have to try.

Anonymous said...

I usually peruse your blog for the cute pictures of Kate...okay, and because I like your writing style as well, and your artistic abilities astound me...but now you've just given new meaning to my life. BLAT! I've been waiting for this forever...I love avocados and put it on turkey sandwiches...but bacon and avocado together sounds like heaven. Yummmmm

Susie said...

Ha ha, this is too funny. Love it!