Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Kate at 48 weeks

Kate and I both have drippy noses. Joy. We weren't up for much in the way of pictures.

These two are titled, "Kate with snot-sucker." Hey, I have to distract her with something, right?


stace said...

You're both troopers not to miss the weekly photo shoot. Hope you both feel well soon :)

kelly edgerton said...

Giggle on the title. Snot Sucker - that's a good one.

Helena, she is so stinkin' cute. I can't get over how big she is getting. That sweater makes her look like a preschooler.

Mimi said...

Those Snot Suckers scare the crud out of me, I was always afraid of sucking out brain matter, I made DH do it.


Love the sweater! Is there a red touch to her hair?