Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Doug went all out with his Halloween costume this year (meaning that he started planning well in advance, which I...errr...didn't). He was a guest lecturer at Hogwarts. We went to Jo-Ann and he got a pattern, some black suiting fabric, and blue lining (at the same time that I got some fabric for photo backdrops, finally). Our friend Jill at church put it together for him. She did a great job!

Doug says that if he were to get sorted at Hogwarts he would be in Ravenclaw, so he designed the costume in Ravenclaw house colors. He got a tie from and a Ravenclaw patch from (the book version, which has an eagle on it, not the movie version, which has a raven on it. Go figure). He made himself a name tag out of Sculpey polymer clay. You can print something out on a laser printer (or a photocopier--something that uses toner), put it face down on the clay, and wet it with rubbing alcohol, and it will transfer the image onto the clay. (I told him he should be the Lecturer in Recent Runes, and then he could have a sly reference to Terry Pratchett's Discworld books. He laughed but stuck with the Ancient Runes.)

We had a Halloween party at church Friday night. I had been busy painting all week, so I just kept my painting clothes on and went as a painter. I ran out of time to put something together for Kate, so I just gave her a paintbrush to wave around and said she was my assistant. She thought that was great fun.

We ran into these two cute little Harry Potters in the hall. Doug said, "I think those are some of my students! They must be first years." We took some pictures with them later.

I love this picture of Kate bear-crawling, off to explore. She still wants to stay close to Mom and Dad, but is reaching out more and more. She seemed quite excited by the bustle and the bright colors.

Here Kate meets a little horse. Isn't it fun how babies are so fascinated by each other? (The little horse was also fascinated by Kate's paintbrush.)

Our friend Tom ate six hotdogs at the party. Fortunately I did not get any pictures of this feat.

Doug also wore his robe to his classes on Monday, though he said he took it off once he started teaching, because he was getting chalk dust on the sleeves.


From Belgium with love said...

I just perused a few blogs. Yours is absolutely beautiful although I didn't read all of it. But such happy, wonderful photographs especially of the baby.
Congrats !

Mimi said...

That's so cool! I love Doug's costume and meeting his students! Bwahahahahaah!

Kate is very fascinated with babies, I saw that on Saturday! Too cool.

Robyn said...

Tell Doug his costume ROCKS!!!

And little Kate is just too cute!

Rebecca or Glorie Jean's Mom said...

My favorite is the bum picture. That is too cool.

Omigosh! I just heard Ozzie Osborne singing "In My Life!" Almost no one would understand the horror I felt, but I just had to write it down somewhere and I happened to be here!!!!

The photo with Doug and the kids is also very cute.

Helena, you're going to have to teach Doug to use the camera more, so we can see you more often . . .

I mean, I can see you pretty much any time, but Kate will think she was from a broken home when she looks back at the photos later in life . . . OK, I'm being hyperbolic, but more Kate & Mom pictures.

It is interesting why babies seem so fascinated with each other. Maybe they can communicate with the some language we all lose as we get older. . . .

Amy B. said...

Doug's costume is awesome! he and his seamstress did a great job putting it together. love the bum shot. too adorable.

kajira said...

I love Doug's costume!! And that pic of him with his students is just the best!

Did you know there are "sorting hats" on the Internet? Yesterday I got sorted into Ravenclaw on one and Gryffindor on another. (I think it's because I chose bronze as my favorite on the R and gold on the G.) Let me see if I can find them... In case he's really interested in finding out -- kinda sorta. is one... This is the one that put me into Ravenclaw. Neat crest, too!

I've been reading you for quite some time, Helena, via Bloglines, but this is the first time I felt compelled to comment. I love watching Kate as she discovers life. I like these photos of her the best of any I've seen so far. So adventurous!

Stay well!!

Gwyn said...

Oh, I love Doug's costume, and doesn't Kate look as if she's having all kinds of fun?