Saturday, May 12, 2007

It's May! It's May!

What a beautiful spring we are having! It's been so nice out lately. We celebrated Children's Day on May 5th with our traditional pictures-in-front-of-the-flowers at the park. (It's a Korean thing.) Kate got to check out a worm (she likes to watch them but isn't much inclined to touch them), and had fun playing with her daddy on the grass.

May 5th, in addition to being Cinco de Mayo, and Children's Day, (and Kentucky Derby day, this year) was also National Scrapbooking Day. We had a big sale at NDISB--combination National Scrapbook Day sale and "Yay! We're back from the crash!" sale. My breakthrough templates have been selling amazingly well. I have a feeling this may be the one thing I end up being known for--"You know that one lady who makes the torn and curled paper templates?" It's funny. You never know what's going to catch on.

Here are a couple more layouts with the breakthrough templates:

(Credits here: Your Eyes and Betsey & Angie)