Friday, October 31, 2014


I keep seeing these really cool pumpkins that people carve, where they leave a thin layer and the light shines through.  I tried it, didn't work so well.  The carving part wasn't so bad, but when we put a candle inside it didn't really show.  Perhaps people are using stronger lights?

I ended up using one of my Speedball lino carving tips to take away the rind.  I was trying to get by without it, since I had a set before that rusted after being used on some potatoes, but I cleaned it well afterwards and we'll see if it pulls through.

Doug wore his Ravenclaw robe to classes.  Kate and Andy wore their dragon costumes (again), but we didn't get a picture because Kate wasn't ready when it was time to leave for the church Trunk-or-Treat.

We had a very rainy week, but it fortunately stopped before trick-or-treating time.  We still only had three groups stop by this year, and two of them were neighbors.  I know we had more than that last year. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hostas and Heucheras

The front of our house only gets sunshine in the morning, so I'm putting in a little shade garden.  (I should have gotten a "before" picture--it was so overgrown!)  I do like getting out and digging in the dirt.  Even when it's a bit rainy.  It's therapeutic. 

Everything seems to be doing well so far.  I really like the heucheras.  They come in lots of cool colors!