Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Point Ruston Half-Birthday

For Kate and Andy's half-birthday we got pho at Vien Dong for lunch, and then went up to Point Ruston and rented a surrey bike. This was the first time we'd been there since they made all the changes. It's looking great! The view is lovely. Kate especially liked the spray park with the natural rocks on the slope.

The big surrey bike--which can fit up to six larger people and two small kids in the front basket--is $35 an hour. It's a bit expensive, but fun for a special occasion. I realized later that we probably could have fit just fine on the smaller one, which is $25 an hour.

I'm practicing taking videos on my phone to get ready for our Korea trip!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Festival of Sail and Lady Washington (and a really big rubber duck)

Doug has always wanted to sail on a tall ship. He finally got the opportunity at the Festival of Sail, where he booked a ride on the Lady Washington. I took that kids down to watch. It turned out to be a great day for it--patchy clouds, not too hot, not too sunny, and a good amount of wind.

Doug and I traded phones so he could take the Samsung on the ship and get some video. Then I got to play with editing it.

When I said, "All your video is vertical!" he said, "It's a pretty vertical ship!"

We can make out Doug standing with the passengers on deck.

Kate ran down to Thea's Park to follow the ship as it went out.

Watching Dad sail away.

Andy loves the world!

Chilling in a bouncy house. There was also a band playing nearby which Andy thought was pretty cool. I had to keep him from running up on the stage.

This giant rubber duck was in the harbor near the glass museum for the duration of the festival. It was a lot of fun to see. That yellow sure stands out! I hear it is six stories tall.


Going across the bridge at the glass museum. We parked up by the Pantages and took the Link both ways. Still a lot of walking! I was glad it wasn't too hot. The kids both did great.

Some of Doug's photos from the ship:

He said it was very cool to be on the ship and see all the parts and the crew members working like a finely-tuned machine. Certainly a day to remember! And the rest of us had a good time too.