Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kindergarten and Fourth Grade

Can you believe we now have two school kids? How did that happen?

Getting both of them ready at the same time is going to be a bit crazy. We managed to grab a minute for a First Day of School picture before it was time to go!

Andy looks absolutely thrilled.

There's a smile... almost!

Andy at his desk and ready to go.

Kate was excited to see her friends again!

School is starting a week early this year.   This is so they can get out a week early because of the U.S. Open (golf tournament) being held at Chambers Bay next June.  (It's going to be a madhouse!)

We've been wondering how Andy would take the whole school thing. It's all-day Kindergarten, which is a big adjustment. He's in the spectrum support class. He's managed to charm his teachers and impress everyone with his beautiful handwriting, but we'll see how it goes once the novelty wears off.  So far so good!