Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Eight and Twelve

For a special birthday morning treat, I took the kids over to the parking garage by the library and we rode up and down in the glass elevator.

Andy was just thrilled. Kate thought it was great fun too. It goes up four floors, so it's a long enough ride to be interesting.

After lunch we went to the zoo for a while--it was raining a bit but not bad--and rode the carousel, which was awesome as well. Then we came home and had cake and presents.

Andy got more K'nex. Doug spent a large part of the evening putting the ferris wheel together. It's big! Andy at this point definitely can't do it all himself, but he'll probably want to try.

It turns out Playmobil Vikings are just the right size for the ferris wheel.

Eight and twelve are both a big deal. Kate will be going into the Young Women's organization at church, and Andy is old enough to get baptized. (We've decided to hold off on that, for a bit. I think he would have a hard time understanding what's going on.) It's a little hard to believe the years have gone so quickly. Parenting these two is certainly an adventure.

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