Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Merry Little Christmas

We had a smallish Christmas at home. I was planning to stamp wrapping paper again, but discovered that I didn't have my roll of brown paper. (I'm not sure whether I used it up or misplaced it.) Doug got us a noble fir, and Kate was very enthusiastic about decorating it. Cory and Andy have both mostly been leaving the ornaments alone this year, thankfully.

We got a set of K'nex last year, and in the past couple of months Andy has been using them a lot. (He likes following the directions in the idea book.) So we decided he needed some more.

Since it was Christmas Sunday, we had just Sacrament Meeting. It was a really lovely program. I had to get some pictures of the kids afterwards.

Andy's K'nex roller coaster is a hit.

This year's Christmas tree pizza! This one was not as pretty, but tasty.

Grandma Kathey and Aunt Kirsten got us a zoo membership (to Point Defiance). We are pretty excited about that!

I got Doug a set of leather tools (stitching chisels) that came all the way from Japan. He says they are super nice. I told him not to get me anything, since I'm saving up for a smart phone that I can use to take video on our Korea trip. He did get me some blackberry honey. Honey from my honey. Awww!

Merry Christmas!

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