Friday, December 02, 2016

Dragons at the Nativity

Kate made a nativity set to display at this year's Festival of the Nativity. It was definitely her own unique creation--Kate's set is made up of Sculpey dragons.  She worked on it for probably a couple of weeks, off and on.  Everything turned out so cute.

She's really been developing her Sculpey skills lately. She comes up with some great detail.

I love the eggshell pieces.

You can tell this is the angel because it has a halo, and is holding a star.

Kate's set was displayed in the whimsical section, which features nativity sets of teddy bears or rubber ducks or other things, and this year a couple of very cute Lego creations. They just happened to have the perfect spot for her dragons.

Displays from another section. (No dragons.)

We took Tavah along, and she and Kate had fun checking out all the exhibits. The backdrop that Anne Marie and I painted was the centerpiece on the stage. Once they got it up there I realized that we had missed the edges. Whoops! When we were putting on the blue base coast we discussed doing the edges, decided that they should be black, and then promptly forgot about it. Ah well. If anyone noticed, they didn't say anything to me!

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Helen in Australia said...

Tell Kate that even from all the way over here in Australia those dragons are wonderful.