Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My birthday--jjigae and a fish pan.

I like to try to get a picture with the kids on my birthday. This doesn't always work so well, but these turned out pretty cute.


We went down to O Bok Jip in Lakewood for dinner, and I got some kimchi jjigae. It was not the best jjigae I've had, but it was okay. But there was quite a lot of it so I ended up taking the rest of it home and having the leftovers for lunch the next day, and it was suddenly fabulous. That's the beauty of jjigae--it's better the next day. I was familiar with the phenomenon, but was somewhat surprised at the magnitude of improvement.

Here's my post-birthday lunch! Day-old kimchi jjigae, (new) rice, and kim. Andy was excited about the rice and kim. I gave him a few dribbles of jjigae broth on his rice, too.

Andy sneaks some kim.  He would just eat the whole package plain if I let him.

I got this pan for my birthday. It's for making goldfish-shaped waffle-cakes. (Korean boong-o bbang.) Amanda got one, and when I saw it I said, "I must have one of those!" (Got mine from Amazon. Amazon thinks it's Japanese, even though it's got Korean all over it. Funny.)

I still haven't tried it but I will post pictures when I do!


Helen in Australia said...

When I was in Korea we had a banquet, and, on asking the host about the dishes, we learned that most of them were some variation of kimchi, with names like kimchi-something and kimchi-something-else (you can see my Korean culinary education was incomplete). As dish after dish was named in this way, it was inevitable that when a whole fish was brought out, my South African colleague nodded and knowingly said "Ahh, and this must be smiling kimchi".

I'm afraid that any Asian whole fish dish is now, for me, forever to be known as "smiling kimchi"!

Happy birthday

UnseasonablyWarm said...

Adorable birthday pictures! I try to do that on Mothers Day (I would do it on my bday too, but Mothers Day is usually a week or two afterwards).

Amanda said...

I need to make some more fish pastries soon. I was also wondering if I could use small chunks of yeast dough in it.

Have fun with the fish waffle mold!

Mimi said...

Isn't that always the way about leftovers?

You are always lovely, but I have to say, in the top photo, you are smashingly gorgeous!

Laura Call said...

Super cute pictures of you and the kids!!!