Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hand Family

Kate drew this at church.  The thumb is Pikachu.

She wore her new pink dress, and I was planning on getting a picture, but we were both in a bad mood so I didn't even try. Seems like we've been butting heads a lot lately. But hey, she loves her family! And Pikachu.


Helen in Australia said...

I presume it is Andy, Kate, Doug, Helena, and then Pikachu? I like the inclusion of the family car (it's not Lukey, though!).

Re the photo: Some days just go like that. :-( I hope the vast majority of them turn out much better than that (and that the headbutting is but a passing phase).

doug said...

No, Kate doesn't remember Lukey. That's our blue Honda Accord, which has no child seats. I suppose she drew that car because white cars (like the Acura) are boring to color. I like Andy's haircut in the drwing. ;0)