Monday, March 05, 2012

Letter Fun

Andy's obsession with the alphabet continues.  He has a couple of sets of Melissa and Doug letters that he likes to line up in interesting places.  Like on the kitchen floor, with one letter in the middle of each tile (and then when he runs out of room he starts a second row on top).  We think this is pretty clever, but it's better if he does it when we aren't trying to cook or do something else in the kitchen.  He does get underfoot. 

He recently discovered that the piping on the edge of the couch cushions also makes a good ledge for letter display.  (Resourceful!)

Kate made this for her letter-loving brother at school.  I thought it was very sweet.  Particularly because I think this is the first thing she has made for him, ever. 

Andy is starting to talk a little more--he has a lot of words and phrases that he has memorized and frequently repeats them to himself, but it's still more like he's practicing talking than actually using them to communicate.  He is reading up a storm, though.  Loves reading.  When I let him play with my kindle he types words that he knows.  The other day he typed APPLE BOY CAT DOG... and then tried to do ELEPHANT but that was a bit beyond him. 

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