Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Sunday

With Christmas falling on Sunday this year, we didn't have the full three hours of church but just went for Sacrament Meeting at 9:00 (I remember the same thing happened back in 2005, for Kate's first Christmas). We let the kids open one present before church, and then did the rest after we got back.

So we have Christmas pictures in our Sunday clothes!

Unwrapping Andy's marble run.

Kate had been angling for a Wii, so Santa brought us one.  Doug got the unit hooked up the night before, and we wrapped up the controllers for the kids to open.

Of course we had to get a couple of games,  too.

More Pokemon cards for Kate.

And new pajamas!

Andy was completely captivated with the marble run and played with it for hours. He couldn't even leave it long enough to open his other presents.

This is the Discovery Toys Marbleworks (from my mom! Thanks Grandma!)

Trying out the Wii.

Putting together a new LEGO set.

I got a new scanner--it's shiny!  And Doug got another sword that hasn't come yet.

We had a nice church meeting and a nice day at home.  I think our favorite part was watching Andy play with the marble run--our little boy who doesn't talk much was moved to exclaim, "This.  Is.  Awesome."  Indeed it was. 

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doug said...

Yes, Andy--it. was. awesome! ;-)