Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011 ornaments

I sent Doug Christmas tree shopping by himself, and he came home with this noble fir that's about twice as big as the tree we had last year. It's really too big for our space (just a bit).

We have some cute new ornaments this year! My sister Betsey made these adorable little penguins for all the grandkids.

(Doug made me that camera ornament out of Sculpey a few years ago.)

We stopped by Cost Plus World Market--always a fun place to go at Christmas time--and picked out some ornaments there, too. I got this cute little bird.

...and Kate found a dragon!

We had a Relief Society activity where we made these ornaments, filled with strips of sheet music.

Kate made this one at school. I can think of a lot of possibilities for painting on these ornaments, but the fact that they're glass makes me a little nervous. We try to avoid glass ornaments, in general.

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