Saturday, September 03, 2011

The First Day of First Grade

... for our first first grader, on September first!

There's nothing like that first day of Kindergarten. I'd say the excitement level wasn't quite as high this time.  Perhaps Kate considers herself an old hand at this school thing by now.  (Compare last year's picture--she looks so big!)

She made cards the night before for her new teacher and for the gym teacher (she loves P.E.).  She does have a lot of friends in her class from last year.  Her teacher seems nice.  (I've barely been able to talk to her, since the meet-the-teacher night was canceled.)  So far so good.  I asked Kate "How does it seem different from Kindergarten?" and she said, "Just the room."  (Okay,  it's only been two days so far!)

We had a little mix-up at the end of the day when Kate came out one door and we were waiting for her at a different door, but we got that sorted out. And then we had a storm of tearful theatrics that night (and the next night) about her wanting to spend every waking minute with her friend Riley.  A bit overtired and overstimulated, perhaps.  We'll get the hang of things soon.


Kathey said...

She is growing up!

Liberty said...

I hope she has a wonderful school year!!!