Monday, September 05, 2011

Wright Park Sprayground

We had a lovely warm sunny day for the Labor Day holiday, so we took the kids down to the sprayground at Wright Park.

This park has some great details. And there's something about the setting and the sound of the pentatonic wooden xylophone nearby that gives it kind of an urban vibe. The first time we brought the kids to the sprayground, I thought, "I must come back here with my camera!"

One two-hundredth of a second is not fast enough to freeze water drops. 

I love the effect of the light in the water here.

As we were leaving we ran into this guy who was taking his snake for a walk (a slither) in the park--an albino Python named Missy.  Kate thought it was very cool.  I think this was the first time she's touched a snake. 

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