Friday, September 03, 2010

First Day!

Kate decorated her lunch bag the night before. I packed her a lunch in the morning, and wrote her a little note (since she's reading so well!) "I love you! Have a great day!"

All ready to go, and so excited!

Doug picked out this wheeled backpack for Kate. He thought it would be easier.

Since Doug's home right now (between quarters) we made a family event of it and all walked to the school together!

We arrived a little bit early, so Kate got to play on the playground for a few minutes before going in.

Doug whipped up this tag for Kate's backpack while we were getting ready to go. He's so resourceful.

Doug stayed with Andy out on the playground while I went with Kate into her classroom.

Putting her things in her cubby.

She looks so grown up!

In front of each child's place was a sheet to color, with a teddy bear and the words "Welcome to Kindergarten!" Kate immediately turned hers over and started drawing a picture of Toothless the dragon on the back.

When we stopped by the classroom the previous evening, the things with Kate's name on them all said "Katherine." When we got there for school her teacher had changed them to say "Kate."

She had a good first day! I think she will like her class and her teacher, and she said she made friends with the girl who sits next to her.

When I picked Kate up at the end of the day, she said, "Let's go home and play school!" and that's what we did. I guess that was her way of processing everything. (We used to play school with her stuffed animals a lot, but it had been quite a while since she wanted to do that.)

She only ate a quarter of her peanut butter sandwich, so today I sent home hummus and lavash rolls. Maybe those will go over better. (They have lunch only two hours after school starts.) We had a little mishap yesterday because we neglected to tell Kate not to put her not-quite-empty juice box back into her backpack. Oops.

So now Kate's at school for her second day. Andy's napping, and the house is quiet.


Freer Family said...

I can NOT believe she is already going to school! She looks so pretty and grown up.

Lorri said...

Love this post and the photos...especially the 1st one in her desk! She looks so happy and ready! Congrats on a big milestone!

Kathey said...

She does look SO grown up. Yay for a great first day!

Heather T. said...

I chuckled out loud for the bit about the dragon. Go, Kate!! I hope she's not too bored this year!

Betsey said...

"Mooooooooooooooom, stop it with the camera already. How embarrassing!"

Lara said...

First day of school pictures are my favorite thing in the whole world! Can't believe Kate's already in Kindergarten, but she looks like she's definitely having a wonderful time!

janett said...

She looks so sweet! I love the one of her sitting at her desk.

Christina said...

There is something fundamentally wrong about needing a jacket on the first day of school. Says the mom whose kids went back the first week of August.

Very cute pictures.

Laura Call said...

I loved all the details of this post... so fun to see! Kate looks adorable and thrilled to be a Kindergartener.

tania said...

She does look grown up. Good on the teacher for switching the names right away.