Saturday, May 07, 2011

Mod Prom Decorations

After helping out with all the painting for Modest Prom, I definitely wanted to see what it looked like all put together.  After Kate got home from school we drove out to Sumner to check it out.

Italian signage reminds guests that they are entering Venice.

Outside the main entrance.

Registration desk.

Inside the gym, where setup was nearing completion.

The DJ's table.

These window boxes were a great touch.

Refreshment table.

The backdrop on the stage.

I love the twisty topiaries.  They just look so cool.

The evening started with dinner at another church building in Puyallup, and then moved to Sumner for the dance.  We heard that everyone loved the decorations.  It was sure a big project!  Lots of work but a lot of fun, too.


Deb said...

That looks amazing. My jaw is dropping! And I'm taking notes. What lovely ideas!

MaryRuth said...

Did you paint everything?? Its amazing!!! And soooooooo much work!!!

Helena said...

No, no--percentage wise, I didn't really do that much. Just helped out!

Heather T. said...

Wow, so cool! I love the look! =)

Amy Sorensen said...

OH MY! That is amazing! I just read some of the process details further down, too. SOOOO amazing!