Monday, May 16, 2011

Introducing Cousin Oliver!

My sister Barb and her husband Kyle welcomed their second child into the world: Oliver James, born May 16 at at 2:31 PM MDT. 8 lbs. 7 oz, 20 inches long.

(Doesn't he look like such a little peanut? I should mention that Barb has very long hands.)

Kyle mentioned that they had a hard time agreeing on a name, especially since Barb has been teaching for seven years, so pretty much any name already has associations for her. (I've heard this is a common difficulty for teachers.) Oliver was the only one on their list that they both liked, and James is the name of both grandfathers.

Among my parents and siblings, my brother Peter is the only one who has a birthday on an even-numbered day. The rest of us are all odd numbers. The funny thing is that, up to till now, this has held true for spouses and children as well. Peter's wife and their two girls both have even-numbered birthdays; my family's are all odd-numbered. Barb's family was not only all odd, but all prime numbers. Barb was the one who noticed this. (She mentioned some years ago that she had realized she's more like our engineer dad than she thought. Which apparently comes in handy when designing quilts.)

Well, little Oliver decided to buck this trend and come on an even-numbered day. (Perhaps an early indication of rebelliousness... or an independent streak!)

Welcome to the world!


Barbie said...

Thanks Helena! His legs are all tucked up around him too, so he does look like a peanut.
I have to admit,I was a little disappointed that he didn't wait one more day until the 17th! But I'm glad he's here!

Mimi said...

I adore the name Oliver, and I've heard that about teachers choosing names :)

Welcome, Oliver! Make the 16th yours with class, faith, and love ;)