Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Parks Appreciation Day

We appreciate parks!  Saturday (the 16th) was Parks Appreciation Day.  Our ward was assigned Titlow Park as usual. (Kate has been calling  it "Tiplow"). Doug was in charge of signing people in and passing out equipment.  Some people picked up trash and others planted trees.

Kate went down with Doug at the beginning and did help pick up some trash with the nifty trash-grabber, but by the time I showed up with Andy I guess the novelty had worn off, so we just spent the rest of the time playing. 

It was a nice day, but windy.  And the sunshine kept coming and going, which makes for uneven photography.

There was another group that was having an Easter egg hunt around the playground.  They put out the eggs ahead of time and then had a group breakfast in the picnic shelter, leaving all the eggs lying around unattended.  Since trying to keep the kids from touching the eggs at all was obviously a losing battle, I figured it would be okay as long as the eggs stayed in the general area.

Andy discovered that some of the eggs rattled, and was having fun just walking around shaking them.


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Lee said...

I love this picture of Andy with daddy! Awwwww.