Saturday, April 02, 2011

our family in...

Challenge #1 of The Amazing Digi-Scrapping Race was to create a layout with six facts about our family. That was the hard part for me--deciding on six things.  

See how I have my head tipped almost exactly the same way in both pictures?  I didn't do that on purpose.  You may also notice that Doug is wearing the same shirt.  That was deliberate.  I love that shirt.

frames: Paper Bag Frames and The Paper Drawer.
flower: The Paper Drawer
stamped dot: Potato Prints
white paper: Masks and Mats
other papers by Megan Farrow (Flergs), Michelle Coleman, and Loretta Labarca.


MaryRuth said...

cute cute cute!

Kathey said...

I love it. 2009, 2010, Lego. :-)