Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Joseph, a friend in Kate's class, invited us to their neighborhood East egg hunt on Saturday morning. It turned out to be a gorgeous sunny day and everyone had a great time. Kate collected quite the haul. (We're rationing the candy--think we can make it last till Halloween?)

By Sunday our sun was gone, and it was a little chilly and windy.  One hopes that, having Easter later in the year, it might actually be warm enough for those Easter clothes.  Not quite, but we braved the temperatures long enough to get some quick pictures outside after church.

Kate wore this dress that Scott got for her in Mexico.  I made the little sweater to go with it. 

Andy has a bit of black jelly bean schmutz on his face.

I put together a little Easter box and sent it to a friend in Korea (안상희 in 포항) with representatives of the three Easter candy fauna--eggs, bunnies, and chicks (marshmallow peeps, of course).  She called to tell me how much they enjoyed it.  They don't really celebrate Easter in Korea, so it was something interesting and different for the kids.


Mimi said...

Christ is Risen!

I agree, Saturday was gorgeous, Pascha eh, not so much.

I'm surprised, if you don't mind me asking - I'd assume Korean LDS would celebrate Easter, would they not?

Anyway, lovely photos, what a great sweater on Kate! I always love a kid with black jelly bean schmutz on their face.

Helena said...

You'd think so, wouldn't you? When Doug and I were teaching in Cheonan, we were asked to speak in church and we realized that it was going to be Easter, so we talked about Easter. But I don't think anyone else mentioned it at all. It seemed like they were more aware of it as a general seasonal thing than knowing the specific day. But there are lots of Christians of various denominations in Korea, so I'm sure at least some people are observing it religiously.