Monday, May 17, 2010

Rolling in Dough

Yes, I'm still here! Just very distractible. As usual.

We had Glory and Sky over for a pretzel making party this last Thursday. I had mentioned it a few weeks before--"Hey, we should all get together and make pretzels!" and Glory kept asking about it, so we finally got ourselves organized. Pretzels happened!

(recipe here)

Kate had been to her first gymnastics class at the YMCA that morning. Hence the hair.

Getting the dough rolled out can be harder than it looks!

Andy enjoys having visitors.

Some of the finished product. Yum!

Hyun Ju (Glory and Sky's mom) was going to come too, but someone came over right then to fix her computer, so she had to go back home. She came over at the end and had a pretzel, and said, "These are better than the ones you buy at the mall!"

A couple of days after that, Doug and Kate made homemade noodles. I was working on something else, and Doug offered to scrape together something for lunch. He did a carbonara kind of thing with pancetta, and we ate it with porkchops and broccoli. (This is not the sort of thing that I come up with when I "scrape something together." Doug is very resourceful.)

Kate gets to help turn the crank. Fun!


Heather T. said...

*blink* You guys are bad for my diet!!

Chris and Mandy said...

How cool! Looks like fun!

Barbie said...

I love your recipe. I used to have friends over in college and make quadruple batches. Yum.

How did Kate like gymnastics?

Kathey said...

I loved the title, and all of it looked like great fun. These are the things that build memories…