Saturday, May 29, 2010

Andy at 17 months

Taken May 27th (which is also my dad's birthday!)

Our cute little guy is 17 months old now! I took these outside, with Andy in the travel crib to keep him in one place. Look at those bonks and dings on his forehead. Poor kid.

He's still not saying much, though I think I heard him try to say "ball" the other day. And he was holding a blanket over his head and saying "hi." That was very cute. He's been enjoying looking at books by himself for quite a while now, but just lately he's been asking us to read to him more. He'll bring a book over and push into my hands. The Sandra Boynton board books seem to be his favorite. (Though often he wants to turn the page before I've finished reading it.)

Andy loves going outside and running around. (I'm constantly herding him away from the parking lot.) When we were down at Owen beach recently he really wanted to get in the water. He should enjoy the pool this summer.


Samara ~ TJ said...

Cute little guy. Glad to see both the little ones are unscathed after your incident with the auto and the wall. Yikes.

Mine munchkin has discovered our front door and keeps letting himself and the cat out. The darn door has those lever style handles, so it is very easy for him to open.

Susan said...

He's looking cuter everyday. Speaking of dings, my Bratling bonked her head very loudly on the pew in the middle of the Sacrament (she likes to have her dress hiked up to the tops of her thighs, and her mother prefers a more modest look). Luckily she didn't scream.

We love Boynton Board Books--all the varieties. When my oldest was little, lo these 20 years ago, we had Boynton bedding. I found out with my youngest that such things are no longer available new (or weren't 3 years ago--now, who knows?).

Okay, through babbling. Love the pics!

Mary said...

I love his expression in that second photo. What a charmer!