Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Pacific Science Center

(Yet another post with way too many pictures.)

For Memorial Day we went up to Seattle and went to the Pacific Science Center. It's in the Seattle Center, which we've been to before, but we'd never gone to the Science Center. In fact, the last time we were at the Seattle Center was also on Memorial Day weekend. It didn't occur to me that the Folklife Festival would be going on again. It was pretty crowded.

We drove up and parked below Pike Place Market, then walked up to Westlake Center and took the monorail from there.

We got lunch at the Westlake Center food court. I had soup and salad, and Doug went Indian.

Kate shares Dad's lassi.

The Westlake Center is quite the cosmopolitan spot--vast throngs of people from all over the world pass through there every day, speaking many different languages, and, presumably, spending money. Yet the only bathrooms in the whole place are up on the fourth floor, way in the back corner behind the food court. It's like a study in mixed messages. ("Yes! We want your business! But please, don't stay too long!")

Andy came along in his carseat, strapped to the stroller (we recently realized we can do this, even though they aren't a matched set). He seems to enjoy going places with his family.

The entrance to the monorail. I'd ridden it once when I visited Seattle with my roommate Christy. I don't think Doug had ever been on it before.

The view from inside, with the other train coming the other way.

Kate on the monorail.

The track goes right through the middle of the Experience Music Project (which Doug calls a "techno sneeze")

Going into the Science Center.

The first section was all dinosaurs, which Kate thought was very cool, of course.

Working a robot dinosaur.

This charming fellow was outside the insect exhibit. (Doug says, "Say 'apocalypse,' Raymond!" Ten points to anyone who gets that.)

We put Andy into the Snugli carrier, put the 100mm macro lens on the camera, and went into the butterfly house.

Lots of butterflies, and gorgeous tropical flowers!

(and a few goldfish!)

I did have a cooler onesie along for Andy. I should have changed him into it before we went into the butterfly house. It was really warm in there.

I wanted to get a picture of a Blue Morpho butterfly. They have such a brilliant, iridescent blue on their wings. I knew I was never going to get a shot of one in flight, though, and when they land they tend to keep their wings closed.

This one landed on Kate's back while she was leaning on a wall looking into a pond. I focused on it and waited for it to fly away.

I almost missed the butterfly, but I got a cool shot of its shadow!

I did finally get a picture of this one, which was fanning its wings while it was eating.

After the butterfly house, Doug and Kate went over to the kids' area while I took care of Andy.

Cool water toys!

A robot that plays tic-tac-toe.

Playing in the gift shop.

These are giant microbes. The tentacled one is e-coli. The spotted ones are, of course, Mad Cow.

Kate had a meltdown in the bathroom ("Noooooooo! I want to go potty at hooooooome!"). Once we were past that, we stopped by the Grossology exhibit, which deals with all kinds of bodily effluvia.

Andy, feeling inspired, spit up on me.

None of the displays really caught Kate's attention, but she thought this slide was pretty cool.

When we were done with the Science Center, we went over to the Fun Forest and went on a few rides. Kate picked the roller coaster, which was a lot like the one she went on at the fair.

She doesn't look very comfortable, but she had a good time, and rode it twice.

Of course she couldn't pass up a ride on a dragon!

It was time to head home, so we got on the monorail again, and then had a few blocks to walk to where we had parked.

Kate saw these pigeons and wanted to go bark at them.

Getting a shoulder ride from Dad. (She's holding her dinosaur Wacky, that she wanted to bring along.)

You can walk between the sheets of water in this fountain without getting (very) wet.

Looking tired!

We stopped at a gelato place right outside Pike Place Market and got a treat. It was nice to sit down for a while.

Andy was in full charmer mode and was flirting with everyone who walked by.

Long day! We're planning a trip to King's Island (amusement park) when we go to Ohio, so this was a good trial run. I think Andy did better than Kate did.


Heather T. said...

*swoon* Those butterfly house pics.... wow.

Cindy said...

Your children are beautiful! Your day in Seattle was wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Lovely kiddos as usual, and the butterfly pictures were gorgeous, but the grossology bit was, well, gross! I thought our zoo poo poo exhibit was a bit much!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Your children are just too adorable. I went to that Science Center a looong time ago, 20 years ago almost! Looks like you had a lot of fun.

Laura Call said...

What an adventure filled day! We almost went to the science center too but heard about the folk festival that was going on that weekend, (which sounded really cool) and we decided not to because we thought it would be too packed. Sounds like you guys traveled the smart way and didn't have to deal with parking, that's good. The science center looks like SO much fun! I loved seeing all your pictures.

Leah Killian said...

10 points to me :-) Ghostbusters is too fun for quotes lol!

Wingnut said...

I have *got* to find a butterfly house like that! What a great place to visit!

Helena said...

It's actually from Space Ghost Coast to Coast, when Zorak's nephew Raymond was visiting. (It's been ages since I saw Ghostbusters but I don't remember any mantises!)