Saturday, June 06, 2009

Feets and Firsts (and a shout-out to Andy's guardian angel)

Look at those cute little toesies!

Andy has discovered his feet!

He's been doing this a lot when he's sitting in this chair, grabbing his foot and extending his leg up over his head. He makes us laugh.

Andy rolled over for the first time on June 1st! I didn't even notice till I heard him going "Aaah! Aaah! Aaah!" The next day he did it again, and I grabbed the camera before I picked him up.

We also tried rice cereal for the first time. I'm not really sure what he thought of it.

A lot of it came back out. I suppose some went down.

We had a scare a few days ago. I took a blanket outside and lay down with Andy on the grass in the shade (in what I should have realized was not a good spot). I was talking to my mom on my cell phone, and a neighbor boy came down the hill on his little sister's bike, ran off the sidewalk, and stopped that short of Andy's shoulder. I keep replaying it over in my head but it was all so fast that I'm not even sure what happened. I saw him coming, and I think I reached out and either pushed the bike away or stopped it. At any rate, it stopped, and Andy wasn't hurt. He was startled and cried, but he was okay. The boy's family came over and apologized profusely.

Hooray for guardian angels!


Mike and Hallie said...

Oh, my heart sank reading your little story about Andy. I am so glad he is okay and that you were so quick to react.

Heather T. said...

Oh gosh, Helena, so scary! Those feetsies and leg extensions are darling.

Mary said...

Ack! I'm glad he was okay!

And he really is a beautiful little guy. Look at those eyes!

juliekintaiwan said...

My heart jumped reading about the near accident. Sooooo glad he's safe.

Eternal Helpmates said...

That had to be scary. I'm glad Andy's gaurdian angel was on the job.

Love the giggle picture, too cute!

Mimi said...

Thanks be to God indeed!

Kathey said...

I'm glad everyone is OK. We're so excited about seeing you soon!

Love, Mom

Wingnut said...

I think my heart just skipped a beat! We did something similar when my daughter was just a few weeks old. Laid her out on a blanket in the yard. Our 80lb Golden forgot she was there and stepped on her belly. He *immediately* knew his foot was not where it was suppose to be and we believe he hardly put any weight on her, but it scared us silly. I cried hysterically for 10 minutes. Glad Andy's GA was on the job!