Sunday, March 22, 2009

This Little Paintbrush

A few days ago Kate asked me if she could paint. I got her set up at the table, and she was just off in her own little world for a while. (She's definitely right-handed, but seems to be trying out the ambidextrous thing here.) At first she was actually painting, but then it turned into more playing. Her four paintbrushes took on personalities and she named them Andy, Diego, Apples to Apples, and Muddy Octopus. It was so funny to hear her singing to herself and saying things like, "Andy likes to play in the green paint! Oh, Muddy Octopus is getting clean now!"

Here's Kate's creation (before the playing). There's a red giraffe eating grass, a green lion, and two blue turtles. The thing on the right is a mountain.


Eternal Helpmates said...

How cute! I love the giraffe eating grass.

Mimi said...

Me too! Great art, Kate!

Anonymous said...

That is the most precious thing ever!