Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Snows of March

This is what we woke up to this morning.

It's been snowing quite a lot the past couple of weeks. Not so much in volume but in frequency. A lot for this area, anyway. It snows and melts and snows and melts. The neighborhood kids have been congregating outside on any day that's remotely warm enough, despite the fact that the ground is often very muddy.

This morning I was up at 6:30 to take a shower, and I could see shadows drifting past the high, frosted shower window. When I got out I took a better look and saw the big, fluffy flakes falling, and the ground and trees dusted white. I went in and told Doug, "It's snowing again!"

Kate wanted to go out and make footprints in the snow, so we got her ready for church first (with her boots on) and then Doug took her outside with him while he brushed off the car. By this point it was turning to rain. I finished getting Andy and myself ready and we waded out to the car in a sea of slush.

It rained harder during church, but when we came out the sun was shining.

Back at home, I got a couple of pictures of Kate before my battery died.

Later we had hail! Such exciting weather today. This last Friday was positively balmy--we could use some more days like that.


Kathey said...

I guess you had Ides and snow that day.

Love, Mom

Sorry, couldn't resist it. ^o^

Cynthia said...

When I lived in your neck of the woods I loved snow days! Everyone stayed home and my commute was easy.

The kids are so adorable. I can't believe how big Kate has gotten.

Theresa said...

Well, it's beautiful if nothing else. You all have been having quite the winter up there this year!