Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 25th

I mentioned to Doug that Andy is the same age Kate was when we took her down to Utah for Peter and Karen's wedding. (That's the thing about having kids with the same birthday--you don't have to do any math to compare their ages.) They were married four years ago today. Since that was a few months before I started blogging, I thought it would be fun to share some pictures.

Kate was such a cute little peanut!

She had a bit more hair than Andy does (darker, too, and all rubbed off on the back of her head, as you can see).

Ah, how time flies.

Happy Anniversary Peter and Karen!


Mimi said...

Happy Anniversary to them! I remember the photos from their wedding.

Kathey said...

Kate is such a big girl now and was such an adorable little peanut back then. And now Peter and Karen have Elizabeth who is 14 months old already.

You're right. Time sure does fly!

Love, Mom

Lara said...

Kate was sure a beautiful baby!

I never thought about that being a perk to same birthday'ed kids. I'm constantly trying to do the math to see how much older/younger my kids were for certain events.

Peter Ahlstrom said...

Thanks, Helena.