Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Doug!

Doug turned 41 yesterday (the 13th). We went out to I Love Bento for dinner, and Kate sat on Doug's lap and stabbed his tofu steak with a chopstick. It was the first time we'd gone out to eat since she's been walking, and it got a little exciting, but we had a good time. The waitress there likes Kate.

Barb's birthday is also the 13th, so we called and sang to her, and then she and Kyle sang to Doug. My family has a tradition of singing "Happy Birthday" as badly as possible. (It started out as a singing-like-the-stork-on-Dumbo tradition and went downhill from there.)


Becky said...

Happy birthday, Doug!!

Megan said...

Happy Birthday!

We love Bento too.

Wanda E. Santiago said...

Hey Happy Birthday Doug!! Hugs Wanda