Tuesday, February 07, 2006

* blink * blink *

Here I am, emerging after being swallowed by my computer. I found a quote on luminous landscape that seemed appropriate: "Digital image processing is still new enough for most people that no matter how much we read, experiment and work at it, there seems to be an endless amount to learn. This is particularly true as regards Photoshop, that invaluable tool yet also bottomless pit of a time sink." So true.

I finally got Barb and Kyle's wedding picture CD mailed off to them, along with the Korean wedding ducks that I completely forgot to take along when we went to Utah.

I did a couple of digital layouts (which I should be posting soon). In checking out digital scrapbooking stuff on line and realizing that there are people out there making and selling kits and elements, I suddenly have an urge to design. It's very very cool. My brain is abuzz.


~Manda~ said...

Psssssst, the photoshop thing? Totally and completely addictive. I've been teaching myself stuff too and trying to stay away from the doo dads out there until I master PS a bit more.

Barb said...

We love our photos! Thanks Helena for all of your work on them. We love our ducks too!