Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The new place

Packing is a pain, on both ends. We're still working on the unpacking part, as you can see from this picture. We haven't gotten our kitchen table set back up yet, so we've been using one of our little Korean tables.

We spent about a week getting everything moved over, mostly in the afternoons after Doug got home from teaching. It dawned on me that this was my first actual in-town move. We were very grateful for the help we got from our friends--A group of men from church who came over one night and got all the big stuff moved; Tom, who had to carry yet another computer monitor (he said he's been carrying entirely too many monitors lately); Scott, who came over several times and watched Kate for us while we moved things in and out; and Rebecca, who saved our bacon on that last day by coming over with her dog and entertaining Kate while we did our cleaning.

So we're settling in. There are a lot of things that we like better about the new place, and a few things that aren't quite as nice. Our old dishwasher, for example, failed rather spectacularly one night, and we had to wait nine days for a replacement, but when it came it was truly a thing of beauty. The dishwasher here doesn't quite compare. The refrigerator door shows a certain reluctance to swing shut, so we always have to make sure it's closed all the way. I'm loving the washer and dryer (wheee!). The shower is also very nice. And the shower heads are nice and high, which will be great for when our tall relatives come and visit.

We've still got a lot to do to get things organized, but I think this will be a good place for us to be.

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