Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Kate at 40 weeks

I think I know how I'm going to do the Monday photos here at the new apartment. This entails getting a dark backdrop, which has not happened yet. Maybe next week. This week I just shoved the background clutter out of the way and made the best of it.

Kate was a little distressed, with the upheaval of the move and everything, but she seems
to be adjusting okay. She's quite mobile now and is enjoying crawling around on the nice new carpet. This is the view of Kate that I see most of the time now. (The picture's a little blurry, but just too cute not to post.)

Here Kate enjoys a can of Apple Beer. Not the Apple Beer itself, just the can. It was empty. But boy, she sure enjoyed it. Cans are fun! Doug says Apple Beer is "crisp and clean, not very sweet, and hard to get ahold of outside of Utah." They should hire these two to do commercials.


Amy B. said...

I giggled at your view of Kate picture. that's how I see my baby too. ;)

I have never even heard of apple beer. how is it different from cider? is it carbonated?

Mimi said...

I love the right side photo, what a face!

I've also never heard of Apple Beer.

juliekins said...

gosh, that 2nd picture slays me, she has the cutest little expressions!

Erin said...

TOO cute for words.
the 'apple beer' pic has me LOL!
and yeah, you really ought to do commercials!

what a sweetie pie!