Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Kate at 41 weeks

A few from this week's photo shoot. I still haven't gotten my dark backdrop--that's the underside of our table in the background there. (The table is set up now, so I guess it won't be filling in for pictures anymore.) That first picture makes me laugh. We have an old family picture where I'm making a very similar face (minus the drool), when I was about six. I'll have to see if I can get ahold of it.

Kate is getting around quite well and practicing standing. She waves to people (opening and closing one hand) and blows raspberries, which is hilarious but hard to get a good picture of--mostly it just looks like she's drooling a lot.

She still doesn't have any teeth, but she's been expanding her food repertoire. We got her an "O" cereal (Barbara's Breakfast O's) which she seems to enjoy a lot. I've been singing "Would you like to eat an O, succulent and sweet, a nearly perfect circle, toasty and complete" (from the Sesame Street sketch--"and it'll cost you just a nickel." "A nickel?" "Riiiiight....") She shows a definite preference for "big people food" and wants to eat whatever we're eating. She's enjoying peas now, which is a pleasant surprise, since the first attempt at peas met with less than favorable results. They're not just any old mushed up peas, though, they're peas that have been cooked in an Indian-inspired dish of chicken and red lentils. She just gobbles them up. Yum!

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April said...

The table makes for a great backdrop, Helena! Kate is such a sweetie and is growing up so fast.